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Committee Descriptions

Decision Making Structure

Policy Group (PG) is responsible for providing policy guidance for the preparation of the TVCP to the Project Management Team, reviewing and considering advice provided by the TAC, CAC, senior staff and the public, building inter-jurisdictional consensus on major project decisions at specific project milestones and using the Partnering Agreement as a basis for PG decision making.

The PG provides policy direction to the PMT, TAC, and senior staff, and provides endorsement of the TAC’s and CAC’s final recommendations. The PG serves as the final body for collaborative decision making with respect to the TVCP. In so doing, the PG will consider technical information, recommendations, and concerns provided by the PMT, TAC, CAC and senior staff. PG members understand and acknowledge that the individual jurisdictions and agencies that they represent retain whatever final decision-making authority is provided under law with respect to the TVCP.

Membership includes:

  • Rian Windsheimer, ODOT
  • Kathryn Harrington, Metro Council
  • Mayor Jerry Willey, Hillsboro
  • Alan Lehto, TriMet
  • Commissioner Dick Schouten, Washington County
  • Mayor Denny Doyle, Beaverton

Click here for an upcoming schedule of PG meetings.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of community interests and citizens, advocacy groups, and local business representatives. The CAC will serve in an advisory role to the PG.

  • Jeff Bachrach, Property owner, South Hillsboro
  • Hal Ballard, CPO 6
  • Richard Van Beveren, Aloha Business Association
  • Keith Peal, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Kevin Hohnbaum, Beaverton Chamber of Commerce
  • Dave Queener, Hillsboro School District
  • Kat Iverson, Resident at-large, Hillsboro
  • Anthony Mills, Resident at-large, Aloha Reedville
  • Debra Dunn, President of Oregon Trucking Assoc.
  • Gene Pann, Tri-met user at-large
  • Damian Miller, Resident at-large, Hillsboro
  • Paul Roder, Resident at-large, Beaverton
  • Clayton Kangiser, Century High School Senior
  • Steve Larrance, Resident at-large, Aloha Reedville

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The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is composed of technical staff from the participating jurisdictions and agencies. The members of the TAC are charged with representing their agencies’ technical roles and concerns, reviewing products prepared by the consultant team, and providing technical feedback and advice on the products to senior staff.

Membership includes:

  • ODOT Region 1
  • ODOT Rail
  • Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
  • Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
  • Metro
  • Hillsboro
  • TriMet
  • Washington County
  • Beaverton
  • DLCD
  • Washington County Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
  • Westside Transportation Alliance
  • Disabled/Senior Representative
  • Washington County Health and Human Services Public Health

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